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QUESTION: Why does the school have a new and different name?

ANSWER: After nearly 40 years living in Santa Cruz, working with people from all over the world through my books, classes, consultations and travels, it was time for me to again live in an urban environment. The school and I relocated to the East Bay Area (Albany-Berkeley-Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro-Hayward-Castro Valley and so on).


When spelled with the letter Q, the word Qabalah refers to the Universal Qabalah. The Universal Qabalah is a nonsexist, nonracist, nonhomophobic and non-denominational system of esoteric and practical wisdom.
Qabalah is a Western mystery school tradition that bridges the inner traditions of the East and West. Study and practical application of the teachings of the Qabalah, and its symbolic representations the Tree of Life and Tarot, may be used to enhance the teachings of all spiritual disciplines.


In the evolutionary chain of forms, we humans are the first form in that evolving chain to have self-consciousness added to the sub-conscious forms of the mineral, plant and animal realms. A creature with upright posture, opposing thumbs for manipulating physical things and a separate sense of "I"ness or individuality. The "lower" three kingdoms evolve through physical adaptation to changing physical conditions such as of heat, cold, moisture, dryness, availability of food and changes in predators. Humankind differs in that our transformations are brought about by resolving differences between other individuals and groups. In time, such experiences assist us to realize our unity or oneness.
Although we do have a ways to go in this plan, the pattern for doing this is definitely in place! It is essential to note that: the destruction of our supportive environment aka the Earth and It's creatures, offers the evolutionary juice to make us realize our mutual responsibility in protecting and preserving It--and in doing so, ourselves. The teaching systems that support this kind of evolutionary change, subscribe to and facilitate the addition of another level of consciousness, called "cosmic or super-consciousness.” In this state, individuals no longer need to have a physical body to function. This is the place wherein we find the Masters/Mistresses of Wisdom, Planetary Logos, Solar Logos (the Self-revealing thought, will of Divinity) and the like.
One of the foremost purposes of human existence is to create and maintain a bridge between sub-conscious life--the animal, vegetable, mineral realms--and super-conscious existence and expression. Self-consciousness, the awareness of the Divinity within each one of us and all of creation is, that bridge. This acknowledges and celebrates both, The One in the all and the all in The One!

With Respect and Love,


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WHERE: Castro Valley Public Library (wheelchair access)
3600 Norbridge Ave.
WHEN: Saturday August 12 and Bi-Monthly
FROM: 2-4:30

Might you have a nagging question or issue? Join Amber Jayanti to play this fun-filled, educational tarot board game designed to open participants both to problem solving and learning the basics of the Qabalistic Tarot's Ageless Wisdom. Beginners preferred group size limited to 9. Please call library for reservation: 510 667-7900

The library is wheelchair accessible. An ASL interpreter will be provided for this program if requested at least 7 days in advance. Voice 510-745-1400 or TDD (888)663-0660



Dear Ones: Tarot Consulting is a dynamic, highly interactive process that looks into the your (the consultee's) past and present to reveal future tendencies. This intuitive retrospective and prospective course of action is designed to offer you more expansive ways of perceiving life issues: suggesting, reiterating, affirming and negating options.

My areas of expertise are relationships (love and otherwise), career paths and spiritual development. Kindly note: although I often perceive tendencies in the areas of health, legal issues and finances, I am not a physical doctor, lawyer or financial advisor. Of course, I do make recommendations to these professionals when needed.

Because to a greater extent, the future is set in sand not stone, I refrain from making specific predictions. We do, however, look at "future possibilities" and based upon these, consider actions that are aligned with answering your questions and meeting your goals.

This in-depth process aims to enhance your ability to perceive, "the Big in the little." In other words, to integrate your personal issues, concerns and the like with universal and natural laws, truths and principles. It is this way, that your growing ability to co-create a present and future of conscious choice, rather than one of unconscious chance, is facilitated.

In fin, a Tarot Consultation aims at offering you an expanded view of your question(s) so as to achieve Greater Wisdom and Understanding, facilitate compassionate decision-making, problem-solving and Self-healing. Although getting there might not always be easy, the aforementioned add up to bringing more Love and Beauty into your life...and into the world in which you are living.

I am available in person, as well as by SKYPE or phone.

For further information please write : or

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This 50 minute CD includes a meditational ascent and descent of the Qabalistic Tree of Life - "The Ascent and Descent of Jacob's Ladder." This first time recording, presents the names of the divine and archangelic presences who preside over the ten spheres or sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, in their precise musical tones. These sacred chants are knows as Qabalistic Words of Power. Instructions for this CD were received over a ten year period through Inner School Transmissions. Cost is: $15.95 plus $4.00 for shipping and handling.
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These are the original oils as codified by the Order of the Golden Dawn (l888). Sets for the Qabalistic Tarot's Major Arcana are available. Sets for the Qabalistic Tree of Life may be special ordered. These exceptionally high quality, yet affordably priced, oils have been painstakingly replicated by The Perfumers Apprentice. For more information or ordering contact: or call (831) 704-7342

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