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Qabalists have long taught that our physical sun is a living reflection of our true Self and that every human being is a miniature solar system--microcosm mirrors macrocosm. Similarly, many in the modern scientific community who subscribe to the "Gaia" theory that the earth is a living, breathing entity believe the same of the sun. It is not strange then, that from time immemorial cultures throughout the world have portrayed the sun with a face.

The sun demonstrates its aliveness in other ways as well. It sends out straight and wavy radiations, indicating that light is both passive and active in its particle and wave states. In addition, there are eight (remember the figure eight over the Magician and Strength cards) of each type of ray, symbolizing the reciprocation of energy. Just as we derive life from the sun, it derives life from us. This concept reiterates the Hermetic principle, "As above, so below, As below, So above."

Excerpt from LIVING THE TAROT, page 289